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As wedding planners we have a great responsibility. We make sure everything is prepared and ready for the big day and we take care of everything from the big picture items to every minute detail. The minute by minute sequence of events is crucial to success! Every moment is important and we take pride in everything we do prior to and during the ceremony as well as throughout all the celebrations preceding and following your wedding. In the pictures are myself, Ana, and Elaine going to pre-inspection appointments with photographers, decorators, music production vendors and many others as we prepare for a wedding we are planning. Vendor selection is one of the many important pre planning steps in the process and we take the time to not just look at their work and reputation but we also focus on finances. We start by understanding the bride’s needs and wants so the wedding is exactly as the bride envisions it. We also work very close to the bride and groom to understand their budget. Then, we work very hard to find a perfect and harmonious balance among many elements such as beauty, quality, performance and spending to fit the bride’s budget. In the end our only top priority is to serve and our dedication is to the bride and groom.  

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