These Lavender sachets are very delicate and add a wonderful delicate touch to your wedding table. Fabric Color may be customized to match your wedding decoration.  


Each sachet contains Epsom salts infused with lavender oils and freshly dried lavender. These are great as closet and drawer fresheners, great to decorate your bath or bedroom, and as relaxing herbal sleep scent.

I gather the dried lavender leaves off the stems from my pesticide free lavender plant in order to get them ready to go into the sachets. 💜

You may set them in your bath area and they will give your space a spa feeling of relaxation and aromatherapy.

Use these sachets as herbal sleep to help you get a good night rest. Simply tuck the sachet inside or under your pillow before going to sleep. In case it’s needed, rub the sachet to activate the pleasant, relaxing aromas.

Lavender sachets table decoration, herbal sleep aid, aromatherapy