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Cuentanos que Temas de Bodas te Interesarían para una Próxima Sesión Zoom 


Gracias por llenar nuestra Forma!


El Jueves 22 de Abril escuchamos a Alvaro Delgado hablar sobre Fotografia de Bodas. Alvaro Delgado presentó el tema: Como Escoger tu Fotografo de Bodas.  


Photografia de DelgadoFotografos


Wedding Decoration and Floral Arrangements 

Registrate y podras recibir informacion acerca de mas sesiones con temas de boda, incluyendo arreglos florales y decoración.

In our workshops we cover Wedding Decoration and Floral Arrangement Planning and Coordination.
We cover all information relevant to favorite colors and flower themes as well as trends. Then, how to work to carry a chosen theme through — from your Bouquet, to ceremony decoration to food table and seating decoration. We will cover budget, vendor selection and timeline so you your brides do not have to worry about a thing except showing up.
Floral Arrangement Coordination is one of the key elements of wedding planning. Make sure you have those in attendance raving about the event afterwards.

Photography by DelgadoFotografia.

Photography, Wedding Music and Production Planning  Workshops

La música es un elemento muy importante de cualquier celebración pero aun mas para una boda. 

A Wedding Music Selection is a key component of the wedding planning, and everyone should be taken into account so you may offer the best experience for everyone attending.


We also know from experience that once the couple sets a date the first thing a bride wants to do is hire a photographer! That’s why we offer this workshop. We help you plan all these details and understand the basics of vendor evaluation and selection. In terms of wedding music we cover all the details regarding your bride and groom's ceremony, banquet and party music . We are here to make sure your Wedding planning work is the best when it comes to all these aspects.

The Dance Floor

Meet the Team

Nuestra pasión por el servicio al cliente es la base de nuestros servicios. 


Our passion for Service combines expertise in hospitality, event planning and project management. We network with experienced wedding vendors who will help you reach your goal to have a wonderful wedding event!

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